Use Office Online on your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone

Thanks to the web browser in your cell phone, your phone can display online documents, using the mobile version of Office Online: Office Mobile Viewers. Office Mobile Viewers display Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents that are stored online, or sent to your Microsoft email account as attachments. The documents are open for viewing only, not editing.

Office Mobile Viewers are supported on iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

Note:  If you are using another kind of phone, such as BlackBerry, Nokia S60, or feature phones in Japan (docomo, SoftBank, or KDDI by au phones), see Use Office Online on your cell phone. Also, if you are using your phone to access documents in SharePoint 2010, see Use Office Online on your cell phone.

To use the Mobile Viewers, open the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint attachment sent to your Microsoft email account (like Hotmail,, or Outlook Web App). Or, use your phone’s browser to go to your OneDrive, Office 365, or SharePoint site, and open the document.

Note:  There is no Mobile Viewer for OneNote. Instead, install the OneNote app for your iPhone or your Android phone. OneNote Mobile is included on Windows Phone 7 and later.

The Mobile Viewers are made to work with your phone’s touch screen.

Flick vertically to read through a Word document. If a table spills off the edge of the screen, drag it into view. Tap a picture to see it full-size, and then tap the picture again to reduce it back to a thumbnail.

Tap an image to see an enlarged view

Flick horizontally to view a PowerPoint presentation. To view the slide show, tip the phone sideways.

Slide show in Mobile Viewer for PowerPoint

To read speaker notes and the slide text, hold the phone vertically (flick vertically in the speaker notes to scroll through them).

Slides and speaker notes in Mobile Viewer for PowerPoint

In the Mobile Viewer for Excel, drag in any direction to view the spreadsheet. Tap the zoom button to fit a chart on the screen (and close the chart view by tapping the close button).

View charts in Mobile Viewer for Excel

If the spreadsheet includes tables that allow sorting, tap the sort buttons to change the sort order.

Sort view

In each of the Mobile Viewers, open a toolbar by tapping on the screen once, and then tap the toolbar button.

Tap to open toolbar in Office Mobile Viewers

The toolbar gives you commands for working with the document, depending on what kind of document it is. For example, in the Mobile Viewer for Word, you can increase and decrease the size of the text.

Choose a font size in Mobile Viewer for Word

In the Mobile Viewer for Excel, you can jump to another worksheet:

Choose a worksheet

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