Use Mail Merge to create a form letter

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Download this .pdf tutorial and learn how easy it is to send a form letter to 1,000 different contacts.


Inside this course:

Suppose that you want to send a form letter to 1,000 different contacts. With the Mail Merge Manager, you can write one form letter, and then have Word merge each contact's information with the letter that you created. It's simple, and much faster than the manual alternative.

Before you begin
1. Understand the basics
2. Add a record to the data source
3. Select the mail merge type
4. Associate the data source and main document
5. Insert placeholders in the form letter
6. Filter recipients
7. Preview the letters
8. Complete the mail merge
Quick Reference Card

Practice file

Tutorial lessons are designed to be viewed in order. Download and use these practice files for hands-on experience while taking the tutorial.

Word Document MailMerge.docx (305 KB)

Excel practice file DataSource.xlsx (9 KB)

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