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Update your credit card information for Office 365 for business

You can prevent service interruptions by keeping your Office 365 for business credit card information up-to-date. You can also troubleshoot declined cards.

Edit your credit card information

  1. Sign in to Office 365 as an admin. Learn how to sign in.

  2. Choose the app launcher icon App launcher button in the upper-left and then choose Admin.

  3. Go to the Subscriptions page:

    • Choose Billing > Subscriptions, or

    • Under billing, choose View and edit subscriptions (for Office 365 small and midsized business subscriptions that were purchased through a partner).

  4. Select the subscription you bought with the card you want to update, and then choose Change payment details.

    Subscription details, paid by credit card, with Change payment details highlighted.

  5. On the Change payment details page, choose Edit credit card details.

    Payment details page with Edit credit card details highlighted.

  6. Update your credit card info and then choose Submit.

    Payment details page for updating credit card information.

    The option to update your CVV/CVN code is not available because it's not needed when updating an existing card.

Tip    If another admin purchased the subscription, you won’t be able to update the credit card information for it. If that card is about to expire and the other administrator isn’t able to update it, you can prevent service interruption by adding a different credit card for the subscription.

If your credit card has been declined

First, double-check that the card details – number, expiration date, name on card, and address, including city, state, and ZIP code – appear exactly as they do on the card and your credit card statement. Edit the card info as described above, if necessary. If you continue to see the "declined" message, contact your bank.

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Applies To: Office 365 Admin, Office 365 Small Business Admin

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