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Update your credit card information for Office 365 for business

Here’s how to keep your Office 365 for business credit card information up-to-date so that your service will continue without interruption. You will also find out about declined cards and switching to invoice payments.

To edit your credit card information

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account.

  2. Go to the Office 365 admin center.

  3. Go to the Subscriptions page.

    • Click Admin > Billing > Subscriptions, or

    • Click Admin, then under billing, click View and edit subscriptions.... (Office 365 Small Business Premium only)

  4. On the Subscriptions page, select a subscription name.

  5. Under Actions, select Edit credit card details.

  6. In the Change payment details wizard, on the Payment method page, select Existing card, and then select Next.

  7. On the Payment details page, update the credit card information that has changed.

    Note    The option to update your CVV/CVN code is not available because it is not needed when updating the information of an existing card number.

  8. Select Place order to save your credit card changes.

Important    If a subscription was purchased by another admin at your organization, you won’t be able to update the credit card information for the subscription. If that credit card is about to expire and the other administrator isn’t able to update the information, you can prevent service interruption by adding a different credit card for the subscription.

If you receive a message that your credit card has been declined

First double-check that the card details – number, expiration date, name on card, and address including city, state, and ZIP code – appear exactly as they do on the card and your credit card statement. Edit the card information in Office 365 if necessary. If you continue to see the declined message, contact your bank.

Need to change from paying by credit card to paying by invoice?

If you adjust your subscription so that the payment amount is higher, or if your original reasons for choosing to pay by credit card rather than invoice have gone away, you can change your payment method from credit card to invoice. Changing your payment options involves calling billing support. For more information, see Change your payment method for Office 365.

Still need help?

Get help from the Office 365 community forums Admins: Sign in and create a service request Admins: Call Support

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Applies To: Office 365 Admin, Office 365 Small Business Admin

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