Change your Office 365 settings

Update your home page

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With a few changes to your Office 365 for business settings, you can save yourself time.

Change your Office 365 for business start page
  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account at

  2. In the top right of your browser window, click the Settings icon Gear Wheel Icon and then click Office 365.

  3. Click Start Page and a drop down menu will appear.

  4. Choose the page you use most and click Save to finish. The next time you sign in to your account the page you chose will appear.

Decide what Notifications you want
  1. From within settings, click Notifications and a list of options will appear.

  2. Select the options you would like: Reminders, Reminder sound, New mail and New mail sound.

  3. Click Save to keep your changes.

Change your Theme
  1. Click Theme.

  2. Choose from the different color options.

  3. Click Save to finish.

Change your language
  1. If enabled, click Language.

  2. From the menu, choose from over 40 languages.

  3. Click Save to finish.

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With Office 365, changes to your home page or notifications make a big difference to the way you work and save you time.

To start, sign in to your Office 365 account at

In the top right, click the Settings icon. Then under My app settings, click Office 365.

If you spend most of your day working in e-mail, changing your home page will save you a ton of time.

To do this, click Start page and then choose from the drop down menu.

We'll click Mail, and Save.

Now when you login, you'll be taken directly to your inbox, letting you start working right away.

If you want to change what pop-up notifications appear while you work, click Notifications.

Then check or uncheck what you want and save.

If you want to add some extra color to your Office experience, click Theme.

And choose from the colorful designs.

Whatever you pick, click Save to keep your selection.

And if available, Office 365 gives you the option to change your language.

Click Language and choose from the drop down menu.

Click Save and voila!

Take control and make Office 365 work, the way you work.

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