Unified Messaging reference

This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 account. Most home and personal accounts do not use Microsoft Exchange. For more information about Microsoft Exchange accounts and how to determine which version of Exchange your account connects to, see the links in the See Also section. Your Exchange 2007 administrator must enable the Unified Messaging feature for these commands to be available.

Telephone access

View telephone numbers

Use the Telephone access numbers box to view the phone numbers that you can dial to access your messages, calendar, and contacts by using Outlook Voice Access. These numbers are set by your Exchange 2007 administrator.

Reset your voice mail PIN

Click Reset PIN to reset your voice mail PIN for Outlook Voice Access. Your PIN is used to gain access to your mailbox and calendar information.

Select an e-mail folder

Use the Choose a folder to read when accessing your e-mail messages from a phone option to specify which e-mail folder you want to use to read e-mail, voice mail, or other messages when you use Outlook Voice Access. By default, the Inbox is selected as the folder to use when you access messages from a telephone by using Outlook Voice Access; however, you can click Change Folder to select a different folder to be accessed when you use Outlook Voice Access.

Voice mail

Play on Phone number

The telephone number that you type in the Play on Phone number box is the number that the Unified Messaging system calls when you use the Play on Phone feature. This feature can be used to play or record voice mail greetings or play voice mail messages on a phone. By default, the phone number is set to your extension number but it can be changed.

Select a voice mail greeting

You can use the options in the Choose the greeting to play to callers section to select the type of voice mail greeting that callers will hear when they reach your voice mail.

  • Voice-mail greeting is the default selection and is the regular voice mail greeting. It is the greeting that is used when you are in the office but away from your desk or will not be away from your office for an extended time.

  • The Out of Office voice mail greeting is generally used when you are not in the office or are away for an extended time.

Play or record greeting on phone

Click Call to call the Play on Phone telephone number and play the voice mail greeting that is selected on your telephone. You can also use this option to play or record a new voice mail or Out of Office greeting over a telephone.

Specify missed call notifications

You can specify whether you want to receive missed call notification messages by using the Send an e-mail message to my Inbox when I miss a phone call check box. When this check box is selected, you will receive an e-mail notification when callers try to contact you but do not leave voice messages. The Send an e-mail message to my Inbox when I miss a phone call check box is selected by default.

Keyboard shortcuts for voice mail

You can use keyboard shortcuts to help you configure or select voice mail options. The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts that are available for voice mail options.

To do this


Reset the Outlook Voice Access PIN


Select the e-mail folder to read when using Outlook Voice Access


Enter the Play on Phone number


Select the voice mail greeting


Select the Out of Office greeting


Call the number to play or record a greeting on the telephone


Enable or disable missed call notifications


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