Unhide (show) columns or rows

Do you see double lines at column or row headers instead of the columns or rows, like in this picture?

Double bar on column or row headers indicate hidden columns or rows

These double lines mean that some columns and rows are hidden. To see the hidden data, unhide those columns or rows. Whether your data is in a range or a table, here’s how to unhide columns or rows:

  1. Select the columns before and after the hidden columns (like columns C and F in our example).

  2. Right-click the selected column headers and pick Unhide Columns.

    right-click the column or header and pick Unhide Columns

Here’s how to unhide rows:

  1. Select the rows before and after the hidden rows (rows 2 and 4 in our example).

  2. Right-click the selected row headers and pick Unhide Rows.

Unhide rows

Note: When consecutive columns or rows are hidden, you can’t unhide specific columns or rows. First unhide all the columns or rows, and then hide the ones you don’t want displayed.

To learn more about unhiding columns and rows, see Unhide the first column or row in a worksheet.

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