Understanding the Role of Data Stewards in Data Management

Depending on the organization, the role of the data steward may be formally defined, or informally recognized by the business. A data steward is typically the “go to” person within his business group for all the queries/issues related to data. Co-workers and managers approach data stewards when they need to know what data to use to answer a business question, or if they need to validate the accuracy, completeness, or validity of data within a business context. In organizations with well-defined information management programs, data stewardship may be a formal job role, but in many organizations data stewardship tasks are a secondary responsibility for information workers with other job functions. Regardless of the formality of the role, data stewards are business users with expert knowledge of business processes and how data is used within those processes.

A data steward is primarily responsible for:

  • Identifying and acquiring new data sources.

  • Creating and maintaining consistent reference data and master data definitions.

  • Publishing relevant data to appropriate users in an organization, and monitoring the published data sources for usage/relevance/quality feedback.

  • Creating and managing business metadata for published data sources to ensure that it is easily discoverable, and meaningful to information workers.

  • Resolving data integrity issues across stakeholders.

  • Analyzing data for quality and reconciling data issues.

The Data Management experience in Power BI for Office 365 is targeted for these data experts or data stewards who define and manage the organization's data in terms of quality, metadata, and accessibility. Data stewards often act as a liaison between the IT departments responsible for providing an information management infrastructure and information workers looking for relevant and high-quality business data for effective business analytics and decision making.

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