Unblock my Outlook.com account

Your account might be temporarily blocked because we noticed some unusual activity. We know that having your account blocked is frustrating, but we also want to protect you from fraud or abuse. Here's how to unblock your account:

Unblock your account

Go to https://account.microsoft.com and sign in to your blocked account. Enter a phone number to receive a security code via text message or automated phone call.

After you enter the security code, you'll need to change your password to complete the unblocking process. Make sure you create a strong, unique password to help keep your account secure. Use capital letters, numbers, and symbols in your password, and try not to use the same password for different accounts. For more tips about how to make your password secure, see Protect my Outlook.com account.

IMPORTANT: If you have problems with the security code, consider the following:

  • If you didn't receive a security code, select I don't have a code and request another code. If you still didn't receive a code, try a different phone number.

  • If the security code doesn’t work, make sure you entered the numbers in the body of the message and not the numbers in the header.

    Enter the numbers in the body and not the header

Contact us

If you can't unblock your account by entering the security code or changing your password, click the Contact us button at the bottom of our Office help and training page.

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