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Collaborate on documents and projects more efficiently

Learn how to make the most out of SharePoint calendars, how to allow multiple people to author a document simultaneously, take your documents offline and then reconnect by using SharePoint Workspace, and how to manage a project in SharePoint and by using Project Task lists.

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SharePoint document libraries I: An introduction

Wondering how to use Word with SharePoint? Excel with SharePoint? How about PowerPoint and OneNote with SharePoint? Use a SharePoint document library. This course will show you the basics.

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SharePoint document libraries II: Organize and configure a library

Organize a SharePoint document library with folders and columns. Plus, learn how to set up SharePoint version history, and how to give people permissions to a SharePoint site.

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SharePoint lists I: An introduction

Lists are a key, underlying feature of your SharePoint site. They enable teams to gather, track, and share information by using a Web browser. Take this course and learn the basics.

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SharePoint lists II: Create and work with different lists

You know how to add, edit, and delete items in SharePoint lists. Now it’s time to create your own lists. Take this course to find out how. Plus, get cool tips like how to group list items and set e-mail alerts for a list.

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SharePoint pages I: An introduction

Get an introduction to the concept of pages on a SharePoint 2010 team site. Learn what types of pages are changeable, and, using the home page as an example, how to get started editing content.

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SharePoint pages II: Work with wiki pages

Learn how to create wiki pages on a team site. Work with editing tools to format text; change the layout; and insert links, media, and Web Parts.

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Introduction to Records Management and Compliance

This training course will introduce you to some of the new and improved records management and compliance features in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. In the examples throughout the course, we will look at how a fictitious, medium-sized company, Contoso, uses SharePoint Server 2010 to manage records.

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Manage documents and content in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

This course provides an overview of the new and updated document management features in SharePoint Server 2010. If you are already familiar with basic document management tasks—such document check-in/check-out and working with document version history—but you want to gain a basic understanding of some of the more advanced document management capabilities in SharePoint Server 2010, then this course if for you. We’ll help you become familiar with the new document management features, and see how they might make your work easier.

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Share information in a central place

This course shows you how you can use SharePoint sites as a central place to store and share information with team members.

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SharePoint lists III: Create a list based on a spreadsheet

How do you take a spreadsheet and make it into a SharePoint list? You import it. Take this short course to learn how.

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SharePoint lists IV: Create a custom list

In , you learned how to create lists based on templates that come with your team site. But what if you need to create your own custom list, a list with special columns that you define? This course will show you the ropes.

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SharePoint lists V: Techniques for managing large lists

When a SharePoint list gets large, you might see warnings such as, “This list exceeds the list view threshold,” or “Displaying the newest results below.” Find out why these warnings occur, and learn ways to configure your large list so that it still provides useful information.

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SharePoint lists VI: Exciting ways to display your list data

Learn exciting ways to display your list data on SharePoint pages. Use the chart web part to create bar charts and pie charts. Plus, learn how to make your pages interactive using filter web parts.

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SharePoint lists VII: Handy tips and tricks

You know how to create lists. But perhaps you need some shortcuts to help you work faster, and more effectively. This short course will do just that: give you tips and tricks for SharePoint 2010 lists.

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