Training: What’s new in Outlook for Mac 2011

What's new in Outlook for Mac 2011

Want to know what the new Outlook for Mac 2011 has to offer? Download this series of short videos to find out.


Inside this course:

Up to speed with the Office ribbon (2:04)
The ribbon is new in Office for Mac 2011. It combines the Formatting Palette and Elements Gallery from previous versions of Office, and gives you quick and convenient access to the features and tools that you use the most.

Organize messages by conversation (0:43)
Watch this short video for an overview of how to view all Outlook messages with the same subject, together, no matter which folder they’re in.

Use one inbox (0:39)
Learn how to view messages from multiple e-mail accounts in your Outlook inbox.

Import Windows items into Outlook (0:36)
Here’s a quick overview of importing a .pst file into Outlook for Mac 2011 from Outlook for Windows.

Stay focused with My Day (0:49)
Use My Day to manage your tasks and appointments, even when Outlook for Mac is closed.

See your calendar in e-mail invitations (0:25)
Check your calendar while viewing an e-mail meeting invitation.

Preview attachments in Outlook (0:39)
You can preview picture and document attachments right from an e-mail message.

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