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Track changes records every edit without making anything permanent. You can move, copy, delete and insert text, change formatting, even change pictures and insert objects. And the person who sent you the document can see the changes you made and decide whether to accept or reject them. Or you can do the same when others make changes to your document.

Inside this course:

Track changes (2:35)
When you want to see who’s changing what in your document (or when you want someone else to see what you changed in their document), turn on Track Changes.

Incorporate revisions with track changes (3:09)
Let’s say you’re the original writer of a document, and you’re reviewing changes suggested by others. As you go through the document, you decide what you want to do with the comments and changes – accept or reject them, either individually or all at once.

Track changes online (3:58)
Collaborating with multiple people can get confusing, because you have to deal with multiple copies of the document. But, what if everyone could work off the same, original document, without making copies? Things would be a lot easier, and you can do that by collaborating online. Here’s how it works.

Track changes in email with multiple people (4:40)
If collaborating with others online isn’t an option, Word has tools to help you deal with changes in multiple copies. In this video, you’ll see how to track changes in email with multiple people. Word lets you combine the documents in such a way that you can see everyone’s changes clearly marked in one place.

Customize track changes (2:18)
To help you edit with track changes and comments, there are a number of ways to customize the review tools. Watch this video to learn more.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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