Track and view version information for list items

You can store information about changes that are made to individual items in a list. You can then see what changes have been made to each item, in addition to when the changes were made and by whom.

Enable version tracking for items in a list

  1. On the toolbar, click Settings, and then click List Settings.

  2. Under General Settings, click Versioning Settings.

  3. Under Item Version History, click Yes to create a version each time you edit an item.

  4. To limit the number of versions that are retained, select the Keep the following number of versions check box, and enter a maximum number of versions to retain.

  5. Click OK.

View versions for an item in a list

  1. Right-click the row header or any cell in the row corresponding to the item for which you want to view version information.

  2. Point to Item, and then click Versions.

    The version information is displayed.

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