Track actions in Journal

With Journal, you can record interactions, including when an event occurred or how much time was required. For example, a Journal entry can denote a phone conversation or a paper letter that you mailed or received. Journal is frequently used for tracking billable hours.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Navigation Bar ellipses , and then click Folders.

    Navigation Bar with ellipses highlighted

    Keyboard shortcut    To open the Folder List in the folder pane, press Ctrl+8.

  2. In the Folder Pane, click the Journal folder.

  3. Click Home.

  4. In the New group, click Journal Entry.

  5. In the Subject box, type a description.

  6. In the Entry type box, click the type of journal entry that you are recording.

  7. Select other options that you want.

Note:  Previous versions of Outlook included an automatic journal feature which tracked documents opened in other Microsoft Office applications and Windows. This feature isn’t available in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016.

Change start and end times automatically for all entries

  1. In Journal, in Timeline view, click View.

  2. In the Current View group, click View Settings, and then click Columns.

  3. In the Select available fields from box, click the field set that you want. This normally would be Frequently used fields or All Journal fields.

  4. In the Available date/time fields box, click the field that contains the time that you want to use as the start time for the item, and then click Start.

  5. In the Available date/time fields box, click the field that contains the time that you want to use as the end time for the item, and then click End.

Tip:  The Timeline view shows when each item and document was created, saved, sent, received, opened, and modified. When you change the time fields used to display items on the timeline, the location and duration of the items may change on the timeline.

Change start and end times for a journal entry

  1. Open the journal entry.

  2. Enter a new start date and time. To change the end time, change the number in the Duration box.

Note:  Changing the times associated with a journal entry doesn’t change the start time of the item, document, or contact that it refers to.

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