Track NCAA basketball championships with Excel templates

"…for those who have just joined us, I'm calling this incredible game, high above courtside. The ball is in play with 7 seconds to go on the game clock. The point guard drives hard to the top of the key — spins away from one defender — gets smacked by another! He throws up an off-balance, desperation shot… It's good! The crowd is going bonkers!!"

Before you and the announcer keel over from excitement, you may start wondering, "How can I keep track of 64 teams and all this NCAA madness?"

Men's and Women's NCAA brackets

Use a spreadsheet to track your picks

This year, we've made it easy for you to track the progress of your favorite college men's and women's basketball teams. Just download the Excel NCAA bracket template for the Men's or Women's NCAA Division I championship — complete with the first round match-ups:

The brackets in the first worksheet show you who's playing who and allow you to track the winners all the way to the final round. But say you and your buddies want to calculate how many of the teams you pick are winners in their respective rounds, and then see who gets the most points along with next year's bragging rights? We've made that easy for you, too. In the second worksheet, which is coordinated with the first worksheet, you can easily track your results, make your selections, and total your results while barely lifting a finger.

Try a Visio bracket

While Excel is your best choice for doing the math, you might also want to use the Microsoft Visio NCAA templates — for example, to print a large poster displaying teams in their brackets. If your team or alma mater is good enough to be one of those 64 teams, you can use the graphics and formatting features in Visio to really make your team stand out. (Visio 2003 or later is required.)

Throw a party

Last but not least, if you're planning an event for your fellow basketball fans, we've created a custom party invitation and flyer to help you celebrate the madness. Download the College basketball party invitation and Basketball party invitation flyer from Templates on Microsoft Office online.

Got an idea for us?    Is there a sports template that you'd like to see? Visit the Suggestions page and tell us about it!

Applies To: Excel 2007

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