Total the data in an Excel table

You can quickly total the data in a Microsoft Office Excel table by displaying a totals row at the end of the table and then by using the functions that are provided in drop-down lists for each totals row cell.

  1. Click anywhere in the table.

    Tip: This displays the Table Tools, adding the Design tab.

  2. On the Design tab, in the Table Style Options group, select the Total Row check box.

    Outlook Ribbon Image

    Note: The total row appears as the last row in the table and displays the word Total in the leftmost cell.

  3. In the total row, click the cell in the column for which you want to calculate a total, and then click the drop-down list arrow that appears.

  4. In the drop-down list, select the function that you want to use to calculate the total.

    Tip: Formulas that you can use in the total row are not limited to the functions in the list. You can enter any formula that you want in any total row cell.


    • When you enter a formula in the row directly below a table without a total row, the total row is displayed with the formula and without the word Total.

    • You can also type text entries in the total row.

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