Tax Summary - Cash Basis report: options and information

The Tax Summary - Cash Basis report contains summarized information about tax lines that you have imported with the Tax Integration add-in and the financial accounts that you have mapped to the tax lines. The report displays all tax lines, even if no accounts are mapped to them.

Important: This report is not a 1040 Schedule C report. You must still enter your information on the tax form when you file your taxes.

Note: This is the cash basis version of this report. For the accrual basis version, see the link under Related topics.

Open the report

  • On the Reports menu, point to Income Tax, and then click Tax Summary – Cash Basis.

Report content

Default information in this report includes tax lines, account names, and amounts.

Change date range

To change the date range for this report, do the following:

  • On the toolbar, click the arrow next to Date Range, From, or To.

Sort the report

You can sort the rows within the report:

  • To switch between ascending and descending order, click the sort by ascending or sort by descending buttons on the toolbar.

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Tax Summary report: options and information

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