Take calendars to the next level

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An appointment doesn’t have to be an appointment; it can be any block of time you need to remember. And a meeting can be any block of time that involves coordinating a group of people. Take this course to learn how to take Outlook calendars to the next level by thinking conceptually about them.

Inside this course:

Take calendars to the next level (3:36)
People use calendars for more than just meetings and appointments. So why not use Outlook calendars for those things, too? This video shows you how.

Organize the schedule and assign tasks (4:22)
After you get the basic parts of the calendar schedule blocked out, you can add more detail as you go along and send updates to keep everyone in the loop.

Share a calendar (3:58)
Use calendar meeting requests to share events, or share the whole calendar via email, publish it on a website, or share it through your email provider.

Back up your calendar (2:22)
You can remove a calendar from Outlook, but before you do, make a backup copy of the schedule to keep for future reference.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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