Tables don't work in earlier versions of Excel

Cause: The workbook contains table style formatting, which is not available in earlier versions of Excel.

Solution:    To ensure compatibility with earlier versions, locate all the tables in the workbook and remove their table styles.

  1. On the Compatibility Report, in the Results box, click the "Workbook contains table styles" error.

    This selects the table.

    Note: If the workbook contains multiple tables, the Results box shows an individual error for each table.

  2. Click Fix.

    The data remains intact, but filters and other table formatting are removed and the table is converted to a regular range. You can change the appearance of the range by manually formatting the cells.

    If the workbook contains more than one table, repeat steps 1 and 2 until all table formatting is removed. To remove all table styles in the workbook at the same time, point to the arrow next to Fix  Compatibility Report Fix button , and then click Fix All.

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