Subproject File (task field)

Data Type    Text

Entry Type    Entered

Description    The Subproject File field contains the name of a project inserted into the active project file. The Subproject File field contains the inserted project's path and file name.

Best Uses    Add the Subproject File field to a task sheet when you want to display, sort, filter, or edit the names and paths of outside projects that are the source of the task. This is particularly helpful when you are working with multiple projects in one window. This is also helpful when you need to distinguish among tasks between one inserted project and another. You can also type the name of another project in this field when you want to insert it into the active project file.

Example    Your project contains three inserted projects. As you work with tasks and adjust the schedule, you want to see the names of the inserted project from which the tasks originate. You add the Subproject File field to the Task Sheet view.

Applies To: Project 2010, Project Professional 2013, Project 2007, Project Standard 2013, Project Standard 2010

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