Start using Outlook on the web for business for email and calendars

Go online with outlook_on_the_web_for_business and get your email, add appointments, create Lync Meeting information, and set up Outlook to access your Office 365 email, contacts, and calendar.

Office 365 includes outlook_on_the_web_for_business, so you can get to your email whenever you're online, even if you're away from your desk or using your mobile phone or tablet. To get to outlook_on_the_web_for_business, sign in to Office 365, then on the navigation bar click Outlook, Calendar, or People.

In outlook_on_the_web_for_business, you can:

  • Send and receive mail.

  • Create appointments and reminders.

  • Add Lync Meeting information to a meeting invitation.

  • Set up Outlook or other email programs to access your Office 365 email, calendar, and contacts.

  • Import email and contacts from your old email accounts.

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Get started

Basic tasks in outlook_on_the_web

Read email on your phone or tablet

Use Outlook on your computer

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