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Ready to get your project started?    You can create a new project in Project Online, or in Project Pro for Office 365.

In Project Online…

To create a new project in Project Online, choose Create or import projects.

Create or import projects

SharePoint Tasks List project

If your organization is just getting set up in Project Online, you'll probably be able to choose from two different types of projects: SharePoint Tasks List and Enterprise Project. The best practice here is to start with a SharePoint Tasks List project.

When you create a SharePoint Tasks List project in Project Online...

Project site

Project site window starts as a task list on a project site.

Task list

You can add tasks to your project...


...add those tasks to the timeline, or...


...add files to the document library on the project site.

You can also add a task list from a SharePoint site into your Project Center, which lets you see workloads for everyone across SharePoint and Project Online.

In Project Pro for Office 365…

Before you can create projects in Project Pro for Office 365, you’ll need to download and install it.

Install Project Pro for Office 365

Note   You need a Project Pro for Office 365 subscription!    If you don't have one, you can get a free trial or subscribe to Project Pro for Office 365 on

After you’ve installed Project Pro for Office 365:

1.    Create a project by opening Project Pro for Office 365 on your computer and creating a new .mpp file.

Create a new blank project button image

2.    Save your project to a project site to make it easier to communicate with stakeholders about how things are going.

Project Pro for Office 365 connected to project site

3.    Share the project site so that the right people have access to your project information.

Image of the Share command in the upper right of the screen.

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You may also find it helpful to post your questions and issues on a discussion forum. The Project discussion forums tend to be very active, which make them a great resource for finding others who may have worked through similar issues, or encountered the same situation.

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