Skype for Business Online reporting

As an administrator for your organization, it would be handy to have a complete list of all of the different reports available in Skype_for_Business_Online. This is includes all of the different reports and the information that you can get with each report.

To access the Skype for Business Online reports, log on to the Office 365 admin center using your user account and password. The account you use to log on must be assigned either assigned either the Global admin role, or delegate Skype for Business Service Administrator role in order to view the reports.

Note: To verify permissions, in the Office 365 admin center > Users > Active users. Click the display name of the user and then click Edit and one the account properties page, click Roles

Skype for Business Online reporting reference

In the Office 365 and Skype for Business admin centers, you can use different types of reports, including those for Skype for Business Online.

To view the reports

  1. Go to the Office 365 admin center or Skype for Business admin center > Reports.

  2. In the dashboard window click the report widget or choose from the list select the report you want.


What's measured?

Skype for Business activity report

  • Active users

  • Active IM users

  • Active audio users

  • Active video users

  • Active application sharing users

  • Active file transfer users

Skype for Business peer-to-peer activity report

  • Total

  • IM

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Application sharing

  • File transfer

Skype for Business conference participant activity report

  • Total

  • IM

  • Audio/video

  • Application sharing

  • Web

  • Dial-in

Skype for Business conference organizer activity report

  • Audio minutes

  • Video minutes

  • Audio/video conference minutes

  • Dial-in conference minutes

  • Dial-out conference minutes

Skype for Business clients used report

  • Windows users

  • Windows Phone users

  • Android users

  • iPhone users

  • iPad users

Skype for Business activity report

  • User name

  • Last sign-in time

  • Last activity time

  • Total peer-to-peer sessions

  • Total peer-to-peer IM sessions

  • Total peer-to-peer audio sessions

  • Total peer-to-peer video sessions

  • Total peer-to-peer application sharing sessions

  • Total peer-to-peer audio session minutes

  • Total peer-to-peer video session minutes

  • Total organized conferences

  • Total organized IM conferences

  • Total organized audio/video conferences

  • Total organized application sharing conferences

  • Total organized web conferences

  • Total organized dial-in audio conferences

  • Total organized audio/video conference minutes

  • Total participated conferences

  • Total participated IM conferences

  • Total participated audio/video conferences

  • Total participated application sharing conferences

  • Total participated web conferences

  • Total participated dial-in audio conferences

  • Total participated audio/video conference minutes

  • Total placed PSTN calls

  • Total received PSTN calls

  • Total placed PSTN call minutes

  • Total received PSTN call minutes

  • Total  messages

  • Total transferred files

Skype for Business PSTN usage report

Tip: Use the Skype for Business admin center > Reports to see this report.

  • User name

  • Date/Time of call

  • Telephone Number

  • CallID

  • Call Type

  • Location

  • Call Duration

  • Currency

  • Call Charge

Skype for Business blocked users report

Tip: Use the Skype for Business admin center > Reports to see this report.

  • Action Date

  • User Name

  • Action Type

  • Telephone Number

  • Reason

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