Simultaneously Ring

Note: Enterprise Voice Call-Forwarding features require enterprise capabilities to be enabled in your organization. See Call Forwarding and Voice Mail Overview for more information.

The Simultaneously Ring option enables you to specify another phone number to ring at the same time your default phone number rings. For example, if you are travelling or out of the office during part of your work day, you can set the Simultaneously Ring option to call your cell phone. Also, if you are not logged on to your computer, you can set the Simultaneously Ring option to call your cell phone to ensure that you do not miss calls. In addition to setting the Simultaneously Ring option to call your own numbers, you can set it to call another person's number.

With the Simultaneously Ring option, call alerts continue to appear on your computer screen for incoming calls.

Simultaneously Ring

  • In the upper right corner of the Office Communicator window, click the Call Forwarding button, point to Simultaneously Ring, and then do one of the following:

    • Select an existing number. Available numbers are based on information defined in Call-Forwarding Settings or in the Phone Options dialog box. For more information, see Setting Phone Options.

    • Click New Number, enter a number in the Phone number box, and then click OK. Any new number you enter will overwrite an existing number in the Simultaneously Ring This Number menu. For information about number formats or international numbers, see What phone numbers are valid for calling contacts? in Frequently Asked Questions.

Important: You can only ring one additional number. Also, the Simultaneously Ring and Forward To options are mutually exclusive. If you set the Simultaneously Ring option, any previously specified Forward To options will not be applied.

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