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The feature described in this Help topic is available only if any of the following versions of both Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 are installed: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, or Korean.

  1. On the message bar, click Approve. An error may occur that you cannot make a new form. Then, verify whether you are registered in Administrators or in Power Users Group on the system that you use currently.

  2. Read the information in the displayed dialog box. Click View Approval Line to review the specified approval line. If there is an attached file, click the file image to open and read the attached file. If there is a memo left by a submitter or an approver, you can check it in the approval memo section. For more details about the Approval Line modification, see Modify Approval Line.

  3. Sign the document by selecting one among the Approve, Reject, Hold. If you want to finish approval on your own authority, select Finish Approval on My Own Authority check box. After you select the check box and approve, the signature line displays 'D' along with the appropriate stamp or signature. In addition, there will be no request for the next approvers. Once you choose to finish approval on your own authority and complete the approval process, a notification email will be sent to the department manager of approvers as well as to the previous approvers. For signers of the Cooperative or Co-Approval, the Finish approval on my own authority option is disabled.

    • Approve     Click Approve to display the Signature dialog box. The previously set up stamp appears in the middle of the screen. If needed, leave comments in the Propose for signing this document box or change the associated certificate.

    • Reject     Click Reject to display the Signature dialog box. The default Reject stamp appears in the middle of the screen. The same default rejection stamp is used regardless of the approvers. If needed, enter the reason for rejection in the Propose fro signing this document box. To change the associated certificate, click Change.

    • Hold     To hold your decision, click Hold.

  4. From the Signature dialog box, click Sign. When a dialog box appears informing you that the document has been successful signed, click OK to return to the document.

  5. Verify that the correct stamp is displayed in the signature line in the document, close the file, and then exit the program. By default, the title, the stamp, and the name of the approver are displayed in the signature line.

  6. Close the file, and then exit the program.

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