Show both e-mail and calendar at the same time

It's easy to be more organized with all the information Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 can show in one view, especially when you use the To-Do Bar. However, you'll find that Outlook does not allow you to view multiple folders at once — for example, if your Mail folder is open, you can't also have your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks or Notes folders open simultaneously.

Fortunately, you can achieve the same effect by opening multiple windows, each showing a different Outlook folder. You can have any folder open in any of the windows. For purposes of this example, we'll create a view of Calendar while the Mail folder is open.

  1. In the Navigation menu, right-click on Calendar.

    Right-click the module you want to open, and select Open in New Window.

  2. Select Open in New Window, which launches your Calendar as the new window opens.

    Resize and move the windows to create the desired view.

    You can resize and move the windows, click between them and navigate within them, as desired.

Note   You can also create, change, or customize a view.

Applies To: Outlook 2007

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