SharePoint Server 2007 training

A roadmap to SharePoint Server 2007 training:

1. Work with document libraries

hands reaching for shared file

SharePoint document libraries I: Introduction to sharing files
What a library is, where you get one, and how you share files with others.

Checkout icon

SharePoint document libraries II: All about checkout
What checkout is, and why it's important to use it.

File versions

SharePoint document libraries III: Work with version history
How to go back in time and look at past versions of a file. Also, how to restore a file to a past version.

Document spinning on finger

SharePoint document libraries IV: Tips and tricks
Timesaving tips that will make you a power user of SharePoint libraries.

Files being downloaded into Outlook

SharePoint document libraries V: How to download a library
How to download a bunch of library files so that you can use them on the road.

2. Work with calendars

SharePoint calendar

SharePoint calendars I: Make the most of your team calendar
What a calendar on a SharePoint site is, where you get one, and how you share it with others.

sharepoint calendar, outlook image, arrows

SharePoint calendars II: Connect a SharePoint calendar to Outlook
How to connect a calendar on a SharePoint site to your own Outlook.

SharePoint calendar

SharePoint calendars III: Create your own calendar
How to create a calendar on a SharePoint site.

Hand spinning calendar

SharePoint calendars IV: Tips and tricks
Timesaving tips that will help you get the most out of your calendar on the SharePoint site and in Outlook.

3. Work with slide libraries

Slide library

SharePoint slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team
How to set up a slide library -- a library that contains your team's commonly used PowerPoint slides.

Several hands reaching for slides in library

SharePoint slide libraries II: Use slides in the library
How to copy, edit, and update slides in the slide library.

4. Work with workflows

Document with Workflow icon

Workflows I: Basics you should know
Get to know what workflows are all about, and, learn how to run the Approval workflow.

Document with three different revisions

Workflows II: Collect feedback for a file
How to send a file out for review using SharePoint — not e-mail attachments.

Document with two signature lines

Workflows III: Collect digital signatures for a file
How to prepare for and use the Collect Signatures workflow, which lets you collect signatures for Word 2007 and Excel 2007 files.

Person with access to file, person without access

Workflows IV: Include someone outside your company
How to get people outside your company involved in a workflow.

Workflow icon spinning on a finger

Workflows V: Handy tips for tasks
Nifty tricks you'll want to know about, like how to mix your worklfow tasks into your Outlook To-Do Bar.

5. Work with Excel Services

Person looking at an Excel spreadsheet in Excel Services on the Web

Excel Services I: The basics
What Excel Services is, and how to share data with others by publishing Excel spreadsheets to a SharePoint site based on SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise.

SharePoint permission groups: Owners, Members, Visitors, and Viewers

Excel Services II: Requirements, recommendations, and permissions
How SharePoint permissions can be set so that some people can edit Excel Services spreadsheets, while other can only view them.

A conceptual view of private data in an Excel spreadsheet.

Excel Services III: Control what people see
How to share data in Excel services and at the same time, how to hide data that you do not want people to see.

A conceptual image of entering data in Excel Services

Excel Services IV: Allow user input
How to allow people to do calculations in Excel Services.

And that's not all — the whole schmeer

Online training isn't just for document libraries. It's also available for all Office applications. Because the more you know, the better you do.

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