SharePoint Online Quick Start

SharePoint Online Quick Start

SharePoint Online Quick Start

With SharePoint Online you can:

  • Build intranet sites and create pages, document libraries, and lists.

  • Add web parts to customize your content.

  • Show important visuals, news, and updates with a team or communication site.

  • Discover, follow, and search for sites, files, and people across your company.

  • Manage your daily routine with workflows, forms, and lists.

  • Sync and store your files in the cloud so anyone can securely work with you.

    Note: Images in this Quick Start depict the Modern experience unless otherwise indicated. For more information, see Which version of SharePoint am I using?

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Sign in to Office 365

You don't need to install any software to use SharePoint Online. Instead, just connect through your web browser.

  1. Sign in to your work or school account at

  2. Select the SharePoint tile on the on the Office 365 home page, or in the app launcher.

For more information, see Where to sign in to Office 365.


Connect directly to your organization's SharePoint site

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Type the SharePoint site URL into the web address bar. For example,

  3. Press Enter.

Office 365 Home Page tiles highlighting SharePoint

Search for something

  1. Type into the search Search box in the top left under the app launcher.

  2. Filter your results by type, for example Sites, People, or Files.


Check out news

The SharePoint homepage is your place to find sites, read news, or look up content.

  • News from sites highlights updates from sites you follow or visit often.

  • Frequent sites shows sites you like to go to and recent activity in them.

  • Suggested sites appear based on searches you've done and recommendations from the Microsoft Graph.

    Note: Microsoft Graph must be enabled by your admin to see Featured links and Suggested sites on your SharePoint homepage.

SPO_News from sites

Find your site

The left navigation pane shows SharePoint sites you follow, those you've visited recently, and sites your company wants to spotlight.

  • Following displays sites you follow, like your team's site or a site from another group you work with.

  • Recent shows any site you've gone to recently.

  • Featured links displays sites your company wants to showcase.


Open a document from a document library

  1. Go to a SharePoint site.

  2. Open the document library.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • Select Open and select to edit in Office Online.

    • Select a file and then select Open > Open in <product> if you have the desktop app installed on your computer and want to use it.


Share a document

  1. Select the document you want to share.

  2. Select Share.

  3. You have 3 options:

    • Type the names or email addresses of the people you want to share the document with, and add a message if you'd like. When you're ready, select Send.

    • Select Copy Link to create a direct link to the file that can be shared in an email or IM.

    • Select Outlook to open Outlook on the web and add a link to the file in a new email.


Work with others on the same document, at the same time

Open the document for editing in Office Online.

The number of people currently editing the document appears at the top of the document in Office Online.

SPO_Work together

Sync files to your computer

  1. From a document library on the SharePoint site that you want to sync files from, select Sync.

  2. Sign in with your work or school account.

  3. Finish set-up and the files will start syncing to your computer. You'll find your files under OneDrive - <organization name> in File Explorer or Mac Finder.


Work from anywhere

If you have an Office 365 subscription that includes SharePoint Online, you can view information on sites, collaborate with colleagues, access shared documents, and stay connected with your work using your mobile device.

Phone and tablet icons

Create a site

  1. Select + Create site on the SharePoint homepage.

  2. In the wizard:

    • Select whether you'd like to create a Team site or a Communication site.

    • Enter the title (and a description, if you want) for the site.

    • You can select Edit Image of the pencil icon for editing a flow. and then edit the group email name, if you want.

    • Select whether the group will be public or private.

    • Select Next.

  3. In the next pane, enter the owners and members.

  4. Select Finish.

A modern SharePoint Online site is provisioned and ready for use in seconds. If you selected a team site, an Office 365 Group is also created.



Add a document library or list

  1. Open the site that you want to add the list or library to.

  2. Select New.

  3. Select List or Document library.

  4. In the Create pane:

    • Type a name for the list or library (and a description, if you want).

    • Select Create.

SPO_Add a list or library

Use columns to organize information

  1. Go to a list or library that you want to filter.

  2. Select Open the filters pane SPO_Open filters .

  3. Select how you want to filter your list or library from the options available.

SPO_Use columns

Add a page

  1. Open the site that you want to add a page to.

  2. Select New.

  3. Select Page.

  4. On the new page, type in a headline, add text to the post, and add an image.

  5. Select Publish when you're ready.

SPO_Add a page

Add a web part

  1. In your news post or page, select the plus sign SPO_Plus sign .

  2. Select the web part you want to use: Text, Image, Document, Link, ...

SPO_Web parts_Toolbox
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