Share your screen using Skype for Business with a screen reader

Skype for Business lets you share your screen with your meeting audience. You can share your entire screen (Present Desktop) when you want to display actions in multiple programs, or you can share just a single program (Present Programs) when you only need to show one program or group of files, and don’t want people to see anything else on your computer.

Note: To be able to share content in a Skype for Business meeting, you need to be a presenter. If the option is grayed out, ask one of the presenters to give you presenter access.

Share your screen or program

  1. To move through the chat or meeting window controls and select the Present icon, press the Tab key. You hear “Share.”

  2. To open the Present menu, press Spacebar. You hear “Present Desktop.”

  3. Present a single program:

    • To present only one program, press the Down Arrow key. You hear “Present Programs.”

    • Press Enter. This opens the Programs window, which lists all active programs on your computer. The focus is on the Cancel button. You hear “Cancel.”

    • To move to the first available program to present, press the Tab key. You hear the name of the program.

    • To move through the available programs, press the Left Arrow key and the Right Arrow key. When you hear the name of the program you want to present, press Enter. This shares the program with everyone on the call, and returns the focus to the Skype for Business meeting window.

    Tip When presenting a single program, the shared program displays a black square if the Skype for Business meeting window is on top of it. If you have multiple monitors, try moving the meeting window to the secondary monitor so that it is never on top of your shared program.

  4. Present your entire desktop:

    • To present your entire desktop to all meeting participants, press Enter. Your entire desktop is now visible to everyone in the meeting. The focus returns to the Skype for Business meeting window.

    Tip When you share your desktop, everyone in the meeting can see all of your programs, files, and notifications. Close or minimize programs you don’t want people to see, before you start presenting your desktop.

Tip: While you are presenting, your Skype for Business status changes to Busy, and you won’t receive instant messages or calls.

When you are done sharing your screen, select the Stop Presenting button and press Enter.

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