Share and collaborate on process diagrams by using a SharePoint process repository

You can make your process diagrams available for collaboration and quick updating by saving them to a process repository in SharePoint 2010. A Visio Process Repository is a site that contains a type of document library that provides check-in and check-out functionality and supports versioning for Visio diagrams. The document library includes columns that display validation status and cross-functional flowchart headings.

Before you can save to a process repository, the repository must be added to the list of SharePoint sites that are recognized on your computer. This might be done for you by an administrator. However, if the option to save a diagram to a process repository is not available, follow these steps.

Add a repository to the SharePoint sites recognized by your computer

  1. Use your browser to visit the SharePoint process repository page.

  2. In the Processes document library, click Connect to Office, and then click Add to My Sites.

After the process repository is added to your SharePoint sites, the option to save to the process repository is available.

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Save a process diagram to a repository

  1. Click the File tab.

  2. Click Save & Send.

  3. Click Save to SharePoint.

  4. Under My SharePoint Locations, select the site where you want to publish the diagram.

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