ShapeSheet cells linked to database fields

These options identify the ShapeSheet cells that correspond to each database field.


Lists the ShapeSheet cells that you can link to a field in a database.

Database fields

Lists all the fields in the database table you are linking to. You can choose to link some or all of the fields to ShapeSheet cells.

Tip: If you want to create a drawing where each database record is represented by a shape, link all the fields to ShapeSheet cells.

Evaluate data as

Determines how the data is evaluated when the data is copied from a database field to a ShapeSheet cell.

  • Value Transfers data as it is written. For example if the value is 3*3, after it is transferred it is still 3*3.

  • Formula Transfers data as a formula. You can see the formula itself in the ShapeSheet cell, but in the Shape Data dialog box you'll see the result of the calculation. For example if the value is 3*3, after it is transferred it is 9.

  • Measurement unit Transfers data as a number or as a measurement with specific units attached.


Links the selected ShapeSheet cell to the selected database field.


Select the links you want to remove, and then click Remove.


Automatically matches any data typically stored in an existing ShapeSheet cell. In cases like these, let the wizard match database fields with existing ShapeSheet cells―such as matching the Width database field to the Width ShapeSheet cell―and create new ShapeSheet cells (Automatic) for any database fields that don't have a matching ShapeSheet cell name.

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