Setting General Options

The settings on the General tab affect the default appearance of instant messages sent and received in Communicator Web Access. Changes to font family, size, color, and style affect the entire message. You cannot change the font characteristics of a single word or phrase within a message.

Instant message settings

Font, Size, and Color

Click the font family, color, and point size of messages that you type during an instant message conversation. The point size applies only to your Conversation window, but the other settings determine how your message appears to all participants. If you choose a font family that another participant's computer does not have, Communicator Web Access will display your message using a similar one.

Font Style

Click the font style (bold, italic, underlined) to be applied to instant messages you send. Click multiple buttons to apply multiple styles, such as bold italic.

Show emoticons in instant messages

Select this check box so that you can display emoticons in your Conversation window as graphics. Clear the check box if you want emoticons to appear only as typewritten characters. This setting applies only to you; it does not affect how emoticons appear in the Conversation windows of other participants.

Add time stamp to instant messages

Select this check box to add a time stamp to each writer's message in the Conversation window. Clear the check box if you do not want to view the time that each message was sent.

Change the background color when the writer changes

Select this check box to add background color to each writer's message within the Conversation window.

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