Set up your Office 365 mailbox in Outlook

Access your Outlook or other Microsoft Exchange-based email from a desktop computer or by using Outlook Web App.

You can access your Office 365 for business or other Microsoft Exchange-based email using a desktop version of Outlook. Outlook provides an optimized email and collaboration experience. For information about how to access your email, calendar, and contacts by using the web browser version of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web App, see Alternatives to Outlook.

Outlook setup steps

Note    If you’re an Office 365 user and don’t have a desktop version of Outlook, your Office 365 work or school account may come with a subscription to the latest version of Office. To check, go to Settings > Office 365 settings > Software > Office. If you’re not an Office 365 user and don’t yet have Outlook, check with your admin.

Troubleshoot Office 365 connectivity problems

Some people who recently upgraded from the pre-upgrade version of Office 365 are having connectivity problems with Outlook. For help fixing these problems, see Fix email connectivity problems after Office 365 upgrade. If you’re an Office 365 admin, see the Office 365 Community post.

Learn how to use email, contacts, and calendar in Office 365

These articles can help you get started.

Alternatives to Outlook

  • If you don’t want to use Outlook, but still want a rich client experience, use Outlook Web App. To get started, see Sign in to Outlook Web App.

  • Outlook Web App and Outlook. You can also set up email in the following programs:

  • If you want to use a desktop email program that isn’t listed above, you may be able to connect using any email program that supports Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). If you do, you’re limited to basic email features and won’t be able to use the Calendar or Contacts. Outlook 2003, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail are a few of the programs that let you set up a POP or IMAP connection to your account. To learn how, see Email program setup reference.

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