Set up a Lync Meeting on behalf of someone else

Setting up a Lync Meeting on behalf of someone else, for example a manager, is similar to scheduling one for you. A delegate needs to be added on the Outlook calendar and Lync, and then they can set up a meeting just like any regular Lync Meeting.

First, the steps below must be done by the person who is giving delegate access:

Set up delegate access in Outlook

  1. Open Outlook, click File > Account Settings > Delegate Access > Add.

  2. Find and add the name of the person who is going to be the delegate.

  3. Click the Calendar menu and select Editor rights.

    For more information, see Allow someone else to manage your mail and calendar.

    Screenshot of adding delegate in outlook

Set up delegate access in Lync

  1. Open Lync, click Options > Call Forwarding > Edit my delegate members.

  2. Click Add, then select a name and click OK.

  3. If you don’t want your calls to be handled by your delegates, clear Receive Calls. Note that setting up delegates doesn’t automatically forward your calls to them.

    Screenshot of adding delegate in Lync

Now a delegate can access the manager’s calendar and set up a Lync Meeting just like any other meeting.

To see how to set up a meeting, see Set up a Lync Meeting.

Meet Now and Conference Calls

You can also start a Meet Now meeting or Conference Call as a delegate.

Meet Now

  1. Click Meet Now on the main Lync window menu bar.

  2. Click the name of the person who has given you delegate access, to start the meeting.

  3. Pause on the people menu in the meeting to invite participants.

  4. Invitees receive an alert that notifies them of a meeting request.

Screenshot of starting a meet now as a delegate

Conference Call

  1. Select the names of the invitees by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and clicking the names.

  2. Right-click the selection and point to Start a Conference Call.

  3. Point to the name of the person who has given you delegate access.

  4. Pick a number to start the conference call from.

    Conference call alert

    Note:  If you’re using Lync in a remote environment, delegate feature won’t be available. For more information, see Using Lync 2013 in a VDI environment


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