Sending an Instant Message

You can send instant messages to people who are on your Contact List, to other people in your organization, or to all members of a group.

Depending on how your system administrator has set up your system, you may be able to participate in IM conversations with people in partner organizations or users of the public IM services MSN, Yahoo!, and AOL.

To send a message to somebody who is not on your Contact List, you first locate that person in your organization’s address book.

The information that you enter in the Search box depends on the search criteria that you select.

To change the search criteria

  • Beside the Search box, click the Search Criteria button (the down arrow), and then click the option that you want:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Display Name

    • E-Mail Address

    • First Name; Last Name

    • Last Name; Display Name

    • Last Name; E-mail Address

    • Display Name or E-Mail Address

To find someone in your organization

  • In the Search box, type search information, and then press ENTER. Up to 50 results appear in the results area.

To find someone outside your organization

  • In the Search box, type the user name and domain for the person that you want to contact (for example, and then press ENTER.

To send an instant message

  • In your Contact List or search results, right-click the name of the group or contact, and then click Send an Instant Message.

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