Sending Invitations to View a Recording

When you set recording options before a meeting, you can either limit access to the recording to the organizer and the Live Meeting administrator, or you can extend access to all meeting participants. If you limit access to the organizer and the administrator, you can still extend access to individuals. To do so, you send those individuals an invitation to view the recorded meeting.

To send an invitation to view a recorded meeting

  1. On the My Home page, under Manage, click Recordings.

  2. In the Recordings list, click the title of the meeting recording for which you want to send invitations.

  3. Optionally, you can change the recording access control and the download options.

  4. In the Invitees box, type the full e-mail addresses (for example,, separated by semicolons, of the people you want to invite to view the recording.

  5. Type an optional message, and then click Send Invitations. Invitees will receive an e-mail message with a link to the recording.

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