Send e-mail to members of a SharePoint group

Your team or your Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site might have its own distribution list for e-mail, called a SharePoint group. This is an e-mail list that includes the e-mail addresses of the members of your group.

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Send e-mail to a SharePoint group


Sending e-mail to a SharePoint group is similar to sending a standard e-mail message to a colleague or group. First, you need the e-mail address of your group, so that you can include the address in the To or Cc box of your message.

For example, your department might have its own SharePoint group. You can send mail about projects to the group's address, instead of looking up and adding each member individually to the e-mail message.

Depending on how your SharePoint group is set up, you may be able to add content to your site by sending e-mail to your group. A SharePoint group can contain e-mail addresses for some lists and libraries on your site, so that when you send mail to the SharePoint group, the content is also added to your site.

For example, your company's loan department may have its own SharePoint group. This group is set up so that its messages and replies are added to the discussion board. Instead of searching your Inbox for the latest e-mail messages about guidelines, you can browse through the discussion board on the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site.

Your department might have its own calendar that stores the meeting requests that are sent in e-mail, as well as the items that people add directly to the calendar on the site.

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Find out more about your SharePoint group

In most situations, you can locate the e-mail address of the SharePoint group in the address book of your e-mail application. If the address does not appear, ask your administrator or site owner for the address. After you obtain the address, you can add it to the personal contacts list of your e-mail application, so that you can easily find it later.

If your group was set up when your site was set up, the group includes two lists by default that accept e-mail:

  • The default Team Discussion list is where the e-mail messages are archived. Its default address is group name.discussions, for example, marketing.discussions.

  • The default Calendar list is where the meeting requests and other calendar items are stored. Its default address is group name.calendar, for example, marketing.calendar.

If your SharePoint group was set up after your site was created, your administrator can add the addresses of lists or libraries to your e-mail list, if the lists or libraries are set up to receive e-mail.

If your lists are part of your SharePoint group, you don't need to know the e-mail address of the lists. When you send messages and replies to your group's address, the messages and replies are automatically stored on your site. For example, messages and replies are stored as discussion items, and your meeting requests are added to your group's calendar.

Your group owner or administrator may have specified that no items are archived on your Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site. Or the owner or administrator may have set up additional lists or libraries, such as document libraries, to receive content when someone sends e-mail to the SharePoint group.

For more information about which SharePoint groups or lists you can send e-mail to, see your site owner or administrator.

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Send e-mail to a SharePoint group

  1. In your e-mail application, prepare the item that you want to send in one of the following ways:

    • To send a discussion item or to post an item to a team blog (weblog), include your content in the body of the message.

    • To send a calendar item, send a meeting request or an appointment from your e-mail or calendar application.

    • To send a picture, form, or document, add that item as an attachment to your message.

    • To send a standard e-mail message or reply, include your content in the body of the message as you do with any e-mail message.

  1. In the To or Cc box, add the address of the SharePoint group.

    In most cases, the address appears in your address book. If not, ask your administrator for the address.

  2. Send the message. In most e-mail applications, you click Send to send the message.

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