Send a presentation as an attachment

The recipient of an e-mail message may not receive an attachment depending on the attachment file type. For example, program file type (.exe) attachments are blocked by Microsoft Outlook. The security level of file types is, in some cases, set by the e-mail server administrator. Make sure to provide an alternative method for recipients to access the attachment.

PowerPoint file extensions, such as Presentation (*.ppt), PowerPoint Show(*.pps), PowerPoint Add-In (*.ppa), and Design Template (*.pot) are not blocked by Outlook. If you have problems sending your presentation, or for more information on sending e-mail, see Microsoft Outlook 2003 Help or the Help for your e-mail program.

Before sending a presentation, you should verify that the recipients of your presentation can receive an attachment through their e-mail system.

  1. Open or create the presentation you want to send as an attachment.

  2. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Mail Recipient (as Attachment).

  3. In the To and Cc boxes, enter recipient names, and add any additional information or select any additional options you want.


Applies To: Lync 2010

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