Selecting a report to view in Management Reporter

The Report Library stores all versions of the reports that have been output to Microsoft Office PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter.

Some reports contain detailed information that you can view by drilling down into the report. To determine if a report has detailed information, move the cursor over the report rows. A drill symbol drill symbol appears when the row contains a detailed report. Double-click the row to view the detailed report.

The complete Report Library structure is always visible, and you can examine the contents of all folders. Throughout the Report Library, however, you can see only the reports and external files for which you have View permissions.

View a report

  1. In the navigation pane, click Report Library.

  2. Double-click the report you want to view.

    • If the report uses a reporting tree, the reporting tree appears in the navigation pane.

    • If the report includes additional detail, a drill symbol appears when you mouse over the data. Double-click report data to view the supporting detail. After you start drilling down into a report, you can navigate back and forward through the report views by using the Forward and Back buttons in the toolbar.

View a specific version of a report

  1. In the report library, right-click a report, and then click Show Versions.

  2. Click a report version, and then click Open.

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