Search for pictures or clip art online

When it comes to adding pictures and clip art to your documents, Bing gives you access to thousands of Creative Commons licensed images on the Web . Remember, you're responsible for respecting the rights of others' property, including copyright.

Note   In Office 2007 and later, your search for online clip art in the Clip Art pane is automatically directed to Bing. You don't need to open your browser or leave your document to insert the images into your document.

  1. To search for pictures or clip art on the web site, click Images.

  2. In the Search box, enter what you're looking for.

    Tip   If you’re looking specifically for clip art pictures, type "clip art" as part of your search. For example, dog clip art or border clip art.

    Search for clip art

  3. Click or tap the License drop down menu, and pick the licensing option you want.

    Search for border clip art using the license filter

    Tips   To better understand the licensing options, see Filter images by license type.

    Bing's filter is based on the Creative Commons license system

Applies To: Excel 2013, Office 2007, Outlook 2013, Publisher 2013, Word 2013, OneNote 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Word for Mac 2011, Excel for Mac 2011, Office Shared 2013, Outlook for Mac 2011, PowerPoint for Mac 2011

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