Schedule updates to Current Period property

Current Period in PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler is a model property that enables you to configure dynamic date ranges. By using the Current Period property when you specify the start date or the end date of a business workflow cycle, you can configure automate updates of the date range for the cycle. In addition, you can use this property when you create business rules. For example, you might create a business rule that calculates cumulative activity in an account from the start of a calendar half year to the date that is specified in the Current Period property.

When you schedule an update, in addition to specifying a date and time, you select the members of the time dimension for which you want to set the current period.

If desired, you can schedule multiple updates.

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Learn about the Current Period property in a business workflow cycle

Schedule an update to the Current Period property

Learn about the Current Period property in a business workflow cycle

If you have recurring processes, such as budgeting and forecasting, Planning Business Modeler has built-in features to support these business needs. You can schedule recurring processes in Planning Business Modeler through the use of business workflow cycles. You can set a recurrence pattern for a cycle in order to run multiple instances of the cycle at predefined intervals. When you associate a business cycle with a model, the cycle restricts the dates during which you can submit data to the selected model. For more information, see About cycle recurrence in Planning Business Modeler

You can configure the Current Period property to specify values for either or both the start date or the end date of the cycle data period. When you use this property, Planning Server automatically inserts the correct period into each instance of the recurring cycle. You can also use the Current Period property in an expression. For example, you can set the start date or end date equal to the Current Period property, plus or minus a specified number of periods. For more information about how to configure a model property, see Add, delete, or modify a model property.

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Schedule an update to the Current Period property

  1. In the Workspace Browser pane, click Models, and then click the name of the model that you want to open.

  2. In the Model Tasks pane, click Check Out.

  3. In the Model Tasks pane, click Schedule Current Period Updates to open the Schedule Current Period dialog box.

  4. In the Update Time box, enter a day, month, year, and time at which the current period update will occur. You can also click the arrow in this box to select a date from a calendar, but the time of day must be entered manually in the Update Time field.

  5. Click the ellipsis button next to the Set Current Period text box to open the Select Members dialog box.

  6. Select the check box next to the Time dimension member that you want to use for the current period, and then click OK to return to the Schedule Current Period dialog box.

  7. Click the right arrow (>) button to add the new scheduled update to the scheduled update table, and then click OK.

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