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Where you choose to save your workbook depends on how you plan to use it. To access a workbook from anywhere, share it with others, or work together with others in real time, save it online. But where do you save it? Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Use a OneDrive for Business or SharePoint team site location for a document your colleagues will use.

  • Choose a personal OneDrive folder for a private document that only you can see, or that you want to share with your friends and family.

  • If you only intend to work with a document on the computer you're currently using, just save it to a folder on that computer.

Save options in Office 2016

Decide where to save your workbook

Use the following table to help choose a save location for your workbook:

Save location

Use this when you want to...

OneDrive - Organization

Save a business document that you might later want to share with partners outside of your team or organization. The sharing options enable you to choose the people you want to view or edit the document.

Sites - Organization

Save a business document that you want to share with your team. To keep it private, just put it in a library that isn't shared with others.

OneDrive - Personal

Save a personal document that you want to keep private, or that you want to share with friends or family members.

This PC

Save a document to a folder on your computer. Choose This PC, and then choose a folder.

Add a Place

Add a new online location. Choose Add a Place, and then tap or click Office 365 SharePoint or OneDrive.

Want more?

For more information about deciding where to store your files, see Learn where to store, share, and sync your files.

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