Save as read-only

If you want people to view but not edit a document, share the document with them, but restrict their permissions to view-only. Here’s how:

  1. In Word Online, click Share.

    Share button

  2. In the Invite people dialog, in the To box, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share your document with.

  3. Click the Recipients can edit link, and then select Recipients can only view.

    Recipients can only view option in the Invite people dialog

  4. Click Share.

    Word Online emails a link to the people you want to share your document with.

Tip:  If you’d rather get a link that you can manually paste into an email or webpage, in the Invite people dialog, click Get a link, and under Choose an option, select View only.

View only option in the Get a link dialog

Note:  Sharing a document as view-only doesn’t prevent someone from downloading a copy of the document and making changes to their copy, but it does keep your original file intact.

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