Save and share a presentation to OneDrive

Save and share a presentation to OneDrive

You can save a PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2016 presentation to Microsoft OneDrive to make it easier to access, store, and share your files in the cloud.

Important:  This feature doesn’t support synchronization between OneDrive and your local drive in Office on a Windows RT PC. However, you can open and save your presentations to your OneDrive by clicking the File tab and then clicking the Open and Save tabs.

  1. To set up a free OneDrive account, you must have a Microsoft account. See Sign up for a Microsoft account.

    Note:  If you already have a OneDrive account, skip to step 2.

  2. Sign in to OneDrive with your Microsoft account.

    Note:  If you have never saved to the cloud, In PowerPoint, you’ll start by adding a cloud service, such as OneDrive, to your list of places. If you have already added OneDrive as a Place in PowerPoint, go to step 5.

  3. In PowerPoint, click File > Save As > Add a Place.

    Add OneDrive as a place

  4. Under Add a Place, click OneDrive.

  5. In PowerPoint, open the presentation that you want to save to OneDrive.

  6. On the File tab, click Save As.

  7. Under Save As, click <your name’s> OneDrive.

  8. Select a folder from the Recent Folders list, or click Browse to find a folder on OneDrive, and then click Open.

    Save to my OneDrive

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You can also save and share your files in the cloud is by subscribing to an Office 365 SharePoint account. For more information, see the Microsoft Office 365 home page.

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