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When you configure and run an association, PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler copies fact data from the source model dimensions that you specify to the destination model dimensions that you specify. Before you can run an association, you must map or scope each source and each destination dimension.

For information about how to create a mapping between dimensions, see Create a dimension association.

To see all the steps that you must complete before you can run an association, see How do I use an association to move data between models?

You can run an association directly from Planning Business Modeler, or you can run an association in a data movement job. When you run an association directly, Planning Business Modeler copies data to the specified model immediately. You might use this method to create a new model for local analysis that is a segment of a larger model. In contrast, you might use a data movement job when you do not need results immediately, or when the amount of data to be copied is very large.

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Run an association directly

Run an association in a data movement job

Run an association directly

To run an association directly by using Planning Business Modeler:

  1. In the Workspace Browser pane, select Associations, and then click the association you want to open and run.

    Note    You must check the association in before you can run it. If necessary, click Check In from the Association Tasks pane.

  2. In the Association Tasks pane, click Available Actions to display the Available Actions for <association name> dialog box.

  3. In the Select action drop-down list, select Execute.

  4. For each parameter in the Parameters table, select the parameter Name, and then select a Value from the drop-down list.

Parameter name


Existing Data

Select one:
»  Append to add new data to the existing data.
»  Scoped Replacement to refresh the existing data in a specific scope.
»  Full Replacement to delete the existing data in the destination model and replace that data with new data.


Select True to indicate that Planning Business Modeler should validate data integrity.

Refresh Model Data

Select True to indicate that Planning Business Modeler should refresh all of the data in the model site.

  1. Click OK to run the association.

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Run an association in a data movement job

To run an association as part of a data movement job in Planning Business Modeler, follow the steps in Define or schedule a job task, and select the Data Movement job template. When you use this template to create a Data Movement job, you need to provide general information such as the name and label for the job. You also must set job-specific properties. To learn about the properties that must be specified for a Data Movement job, see About properties for a Data Movement job.

Note   You cannot define or run a Data Movement job unless you have previously created an association between the models that are involved. To see all the steps that you must complete, see How do I use an association to move data between models?

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Applies To: Office 2007

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