Rotate or align cell data

If you want to change the way data appears in a cell, you can rotate the font angle or change the data alignment.

Row of text roated at various degrees.

  1. Select the cell or range of cells containing the text you want to rotate.

  2. Click Home > Orientation Button image , and pick the rotation angle that you want.

    The font orientation options on the Home tab

Change data alignment in a cell

To move the position of data in a cell, click Home and use the alignment options.

Excel  Ribbon Image

Select the cell containing the data you want aligned and choose from the following alignment options:

  • Vertical alignment: Click Top Align Button image , Middle Align Button image , or Bottom Align Button image .

  • Horizontal alignment: Click Align Left Button image , Center Button image , or Align Right Button image .

  • To move data closer to the left cell border, click Decrease Indent Button image .

  • To move data further away from the left cell border, click Increase Indent Button image .

  • Wrap the text in a cell: Click Wrap Text.

  • For additional text alignment options, click Dialog Box Launcher Button image next to Alignment. On the Alignment tab, choose the options you want. For example, to justify text in a cell, click the drop-down box under Horizontal > Justify.

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