Rotate a chart

To change how the slices in a pie chart are arranged, you rotate it. You can do this with a chart in Microsoft Excel, or with an Excel chart you've copied to PowerPoint, Word, or Outlook.

For example, in this chart, a couple of the state labels are wedged in under the title. Shifting the pie clockwise can fix that, and also reposition California to emphasize how big a piece of the pie its population is compared to the other four states. As a bonus, California's label becomes more visible. So, let's shift the pie clockwise one third of a circle, or 120 degrees.

  1. Right-click any slice of the pie chart > Format Data Series.

Before rotating pie slices

  1. In the Format Data Point pane in the Angle of first slice box, replace 0 with 120 and press Enter.

Change Angle of first slice

Now, the pie chart looks like this:

After rotating pie slices

Applies To: Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013

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