Return continuous improvement data to Microsoft

The Customer Experience Improvement Program is designed to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Microsoft Products and Technologies. With your permission, anonymous information about your server will be sent to Microsoft to help us improve SharePoint Products and Technologies.

Customer Experience Improvement Program privacy statement

Error reports are created when your system encounters hardware or software problems. Microsoft and its partners actively use these reports to improve the reliability of your software. Error reports include the following: information regarding the condition of the server when the problem occurs; the operating system version and computer hardware in use; and the Digital Product ID, which can be used to identify your license. The IP address of your computer is also sent because you are connecting to an online service to send error reports, but it is used only to generate aggregate statistics. Microsoft does not intentionally collect any personal information. However, error reports could contain data from log files, such as user names, IP addresses, URLs, file or path names, and e-mail addresses. Although this information, if present, could potentially be used to determine your identity, the information will not be used in that way. The data that Microsoft collects will be used only to fix problems and improve software and services. Error reports will be sent by using encryption technology to a database with limited access and will not be used for marketing purposes.

Microsoft Error Reporting Service privacy statement

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