Restricting a row to a specific reporting unit in Management Reporter

When a report row is restricted to a specific reporting unit, that row displays the linked data for the named reporting unit only and ignores the data for other reporting units in the reporting tree. For example, you can create a row that details the total operating expenses for a specific department.

Restricting a row to a specific reporting unit is one way to avoid duplication of data.

Note: When you restrict a row that includes a fully-qualified account to a reporting unit that contains an account mask, Microsoft Office PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter includes the row amount without duplication for that unit and for its parent units.

To restrict a row to a reporting unit, do the following:

  1. Double-click the appropriate Related Formulas/Rows/Units cell.

  2. In the Reporting Unit Selection dialog box, select a tree in the Reporting tree list.

  3. Expand or collapse the tree, and then select a reporting unit.

  4. Enter a link to the financial data system in the Link to Financial Data Source column.

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