Restricting a calculation to a reporting unit in Management Reporter

Use the @UnitName code to restrict a calculation to a single reporting unit. The resulting amount is not rolled up to a higher-level unit.

The calculation row can also refer to a financial data row.

The calculation is recorded in the Related Formulas/Rows/Units cell of the row definition as with the financial data-type restriction. The calculation must use a conditional calculation beginning with an IF @UnitName construction, such as the following calculation:

IF @UnitName(SALES) THEN @100 ELSE 0

This calculation places the amount from row 100 in each column of the report, but only for the Sales unit. If there were multiple units named "Sales," the amount would appear in each of those units.

Additionally, row 100 could be a financial data row with a fully-qualified account and further be defined as non-printing, which prevents that amount from appearing in all units in the tree. You could also limit the amount to a single column of the report by using a column letter reference rather than the at sign (@) in front of the row code number.

You can include OR combinations in an IF statement.

You can specify a unit in a calculation-type restriction in one of the following ways:

  • Enter a unit name to include those units that match. For example, IF @UnitName(SALES) allows the calculation for any unit named SALES, even if there were several SALES units within the reporting tree.

  • Enter the entity and unit name to restrict the calculation to SALES units in the ACME entity only. For example: IF @UnitName(ACME:SALES)

  • Enter the full hierarchy code from the reporting tree to restrict the calculation to a specific unit. For example: IF @UnitName(SUMMARY^ACME^WEST COAST^SALES)

To enter a calculation that is restricted to a reporting unit

  1. Double-click the appropriate Related Formulas/Rows/Units cell.

  2. In the Reporting Unit Selection dialog box, select a tree in the Reporting tree list.

  3. Expand or collapse the tree, and then select a reporting unit.

  4. Click the appropriate Related Formulas/Rows/Units cell, and then press F2.

  5. Edit the text around the reporting unit to complete the calculation formula.

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